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Welcome to the The Aurora Wager Wiki[]

The Aurora Wager is a game created for the 7 Day Rogue Like event and is a game about you (Jebe) and your buddy (Frits), your arch nemesis (Frederik), and your wager to make it to the North Pole first. By hot air balloon, naturally!


How to start playing The Aurora Wager[]

To start the game download it and extract the .zip then launch the .exe. You will be greeted with a launcher, use this to adjust your graphics settings or your controls. When you are happy with the settings press 'Play!'. Note that the launcher will be replaced with a proper in-game configuration screen in V4.

A letter will appear on the screen, read it and press 'Onwards and Upwards!'.

What you see when you start playing.

The letter you get at the start.

You will be greeted by some scattered items;

For instructions on how to get in the air go to the Balloon page.

How to get The Aurora Wager[]

Link to the offical download site:

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